Founded in January 2013, Women Steering Business is a group of civic-minded business leaders who are dedicated to developing future female business leaders. We do this by funding livestock sales from young women who use the proceeds to advance their own education and vocational opportunities.

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Note: Membership levels and benefits may vary from year-to-year*.  

  • $500: Invited to all general-member events throughout year; may attend auction without a reserved seat.
  • $1,000: Above plus one seat during the parade and eligible for upgrade to wagon if space is available; also invited to sponsor reception
  • $2,500:  Above plus a reserved seat on sale day and a seat in the wagon for the parade
  • $5,000: Above benefits plus a Stock Show badge
  • $10,000+: Circle of Champions status and benefits

1. When paying by credit card, processing fees (labeled Convenience Fees) will be added to your membership dues and sponsorship. 

2. It is also important for companies purchasing memberships for employees to state the name of the employee and the company in the registration process for proper credit.

 *Note: the number of available breakfast tickets, reserved seats at the auction, and seats in the wagon or on the patio for the parade depends on our number of members and may vary from year to year. If we have more requests that we can accommodate, priority will be given to those who paid first. Please understand those benefits cannot be guaranteed.


1. Our fiscal year starts April 1st of each year and is good through the time of the Jr. Sale of Champions.

2. To be a member “in good standing”,  a payment must be submitted for the current fiscal year.

3.  Memberships are not transferable, prorated, or refundable, and must be PAID IN FULL no later than January 11th of each year. 


To be a member in good standing, and to be invited to membership events and/or serve on any committees, you must be PAID IN FULL or have returned your requested invoice by January 11, 2018. 

 Requesting an invoice for a pledge can be done during the checkout process by selecting the option to pay by check/print invoice and/or by opting to have an invoice emailed to you.

Invoices indicate a commitment to pay the dues of your pledge in full -- at the level you indicate -- no later than January 11, 2018.

You may choose to increase your membership level at any time, however, your dues may not be reduced this year, nor prorated, or transferred.

By submitting the payment form below or requesting an invoice, you accept personal responsibility for the payment of the dues and agree to support the mission of Women Steering Business.

Funds must be received by January 11, 2018, to attend the Stock Show breakfast or auction with the group. Membership benefits or activities are NOT transferable to another person.

Remember, the sooner you commit, the more fun you can have! 

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